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Operational Information

CASTOR cockpit

CASTOR bug reports, to be handled by Developers Team (in jira)

CASTOR operations tasks, to be handled by Operations Team (in jira)

CASTOR procedures (in Twiki, recipes used for Operations)

Tapelog monitoring - data volume

Agile infrastructure web


CASTOR support cases (in Savannah (DEPRECATED), bug reports to be handled by Developers team)

CASTOR tasks (in Savannah (DEPRECATED), tasks for the Operations team)






CASTOR operations schedule



Service announcements

Announcements (upgrade, downtime, major incidents) uses established communication channels (mailing lists). Depending on the CASTOR instance (CASTOR FE) and user communities announcements are also posted on CERN pages (IT Service Status Board) and WLCG services (GOCDB).

They are summarised under the CASTOR Service twiki: .  


The CASTOR/EOS projects meet according to the following internal meetings. In most cases, both the operations and the development teams are present:

Internal meetings
Time and venue

(From 1 March 2013) EOS Meeting - chaired by Luca
Time and place will be confirmed accordingly, e.g., Thursday at 9:15 - room 513-R-068

(From 1 March 2013) CASTOR Meeting - chaired by Xavi
Time and place will be confirmed accordingly, e.g., Monday at 9:15 - room 513-R-068

Ticket Meeting - chaired by person who carried out support for past week. Go to Weekly reports (September 2011 onwards) > support person's entry
On Friday at 14:00, place will be confirmed accordingly

External Operations phone conference
On Wednesday at 10:45 (every fortnight) -  phone + room 31-2-029

Operations meeting
Tuesday at 11:30 - room 513-1-



The CASTOR operations team participates in the following regular meetings:

Regular meetings
Time and venue

WLCG daily operation meeting
(From 1 March 2013) Monday and Thursday at 15:00 - room 513-R-068

WLCG Tier1 coordination meeting
On Thursdays at 15:30 (every fortnight)- room 513-R-068

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