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Which instance of CASTOR am I using? Which service is it providing to me?

  • There are several separate instances providing CASTOR services to different users communities.  They are distinct sets of resources (disk part) but using the same name server and tape infrastructure. Each of them has a priori a different SLA (Service Level Agreement) which is described in the corresponding page.    The names of these instances (called Functional Elements) are pretty self-explanatory:
  • General SLA description
  • Logo CASTORPUBLIC covers all the activities not directly linked with one LHC experiments.
  • The main activities of the 4 LHC experiments are served by:

The links to the CASTOR instances contain general information,  service status, and links to get support  (FAQ, reporting problems and request, etc...)

What if I have a problem with CASTOR?

  1. Check the CERN IT Service Status Board. It contains general information about the status of services, interventions, etc...
  2. Check the Service status Board for CASTOR (also available from the links marked with Logo)
  3. Check the CASTOR FAQ
  4. Contact the CERN service desk

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